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Stop Hiding!

So funny how sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking that we’ve run out of ideas. That there’s nothing more to say. That you gave so much through your daily messaging, that now it’s repetitive, that people will get bored, and you even start questioning your own value, thinking you have nothing to say. That [...]

How To Maximize The Reach Of Your Facebook Livestreams And Get More Eyeballs On Your Content For FREE

  Facebook Livestreams are all the rage these days… and for good reason too. Facebook is really pushing them - your friends and followers will get notified when you’re live, and even after the fact, that you *were* live! There’s something special about watching something that’s happening *right now* - people feel intrigued to join [...]

How To Get Psychological Buy-In BEFORE You Pitch Yourself To The Media

Wanna know how I get most of my pitches for podcasts and media outlets accepted by people I'm about to work with for the first time? I introduce the idea of sending guest recommendations (or, when the pitch is for me, topic recommendations for an interview) through a casual by the way type conversation. It [...]

Get over yourself, Babes… It’s your time to shine

To be in the public eye all the time is not fun. There are expectations. And rules. And you have to behave a certain way and be a certain kind of person… At least, that’s how I felt for the longest time and so I AVOIDED being seen as much as possible. I’d tell myself, [...]

How To Create Endless Story Ideas And Pitch Angles For The Media

Linking when pitching the media… Sometimes it’s so hard to come up with a new thing that would allow you to continue the follow up process without being annoying when pitching a new media contact, or even when pitching an established media contact with a new story idea. But what if you had a resource [...]

Danny Iny on How to Build and Monetize Your Audience from Scratch

In this interview, we talk with Danny about: How to build an audience from scratch How to get guest blogging opportunities How to get your first 2,000 subscribers to your list How to choose the right blogs to get started with your contributions How long does it take to build up your core following How [...]

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Madelleine Avon _ Mette Muller Says Goodbye to Born To Influence

In this interview, we talk with Madelleine about: Why she changed her name The ultimate re-branding experience: legally changing your name How to clean up your list when rebranding How to attract the right kind of clients How to get back to the creative flow in your business How to get past the feeling of [...]

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Dino Dogan on Growing Your Tribe and Connecting with Influencers Online

In this interview, we talk with Dino about: How to grow your Tribe How to find the right people to connect with online How to find content to curate on your social platforms How the trust factor differs across social networks Why encouraging comments on your blog posts is not always the best course of [...]

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Ben Simkin Shares His Lead Generation Secrets for Successful Online Marketing and Business Growth

Ben Simkin created over $900 Million in additional sales for his clients. In this interview, he shares his wisdom about - The number one thing you must avoid in your advertising - How to choose the right joint venture partners - How to make FaceBook ads work for you and much much more...

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Andrew Lermsider on How To Increase Your Website Conversions for Higher Profits

Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 176 & 177)  To listen to Andrew’s interview on the Born To Influence PODCAST, click HERE.  To watch a little bit of Andrew’s interview on VIDEO, click HERE. (coming soon) In this interview, we talk with Andrew about: How he built a highly profitable business in a market that is literally on food stamps How to build a landing page that converts The number one thing you must test in your email marketing The best tools for split testing How to do split testing correctly The truth about bounce rates How long you have exactly to intrigue your site’s visitors so they don’t leave immediately after […]