To be in the public eye all the time is not fun. There are expectations. And rules. And you have to behave a certain way and be a certain kind of person…

At least, that’s how I felt for the longest time and so I AVOIDED being seen as much as possible.

I’d tell myself, I like my privacy.

And the truth is, I really do.

I’m an introvert to the max.

A hermit.

I literally live in the desert and I only see people in person when I decide I want to.

But then three years ago, I made a decision to do *some* publicity, mostly with the idea of getting new coaching clients.

Well, I managed to get myself on one of the top podcasts in the world right away and the outcome wasn’t at all what I expected…

I found it was the catalyst for developing a new FRIENDSHIP with one of the top influencers in the space – someone I collaborated with on many different things since then.

But back to being uncomfortable about being public, and avoiding being seen –

it’s kind of crazy, especially in my line of work.

Former actor, now building a personal brand…

And yet, trying to hide.

I know you can hear me…

I know you might be in the same boat too.

You’re an entrepreneur with a meaningful message and you need to get it out there.

But if you are ambivalent about actually sharing your message at scale –

how on Earth is it ever going to happen?

You’ll be self sabotaging yourself at every turn.

(Ask me how I know..)

Here’s the thing.

You just have to GET OVER YOURSELF, Babes.

You have to MAKE A DECISION that you’re no longer hiding,

that what you have to say is important,

that people need to hear it –

otherwise, how are things going to change?

You were born to make a difference,

to build a business that has an IMPACT,

to become INFLUENTIAL –

and you can’t do it half assed.

*Kind of trying* is not good enough.

Think about it – if you don’t do it, who will?

Are you gonna let someone else share the essence of YOUR MESSAGE

and do a crappy job,

while you’re watching them,

secretly criticizing them and maybe even feel jealous at time?

Are you going to let YOUR TRIBE be guided by someone else,

who –

let’s just be honest,

can’t do it half as good as you?

Are you a leader of a follower?

That’s what I thought… 🙂

It’s time to get over yourself babes.

It’s time to step up and, as Jay Abraham called me out on it a couple of years ago –



Deal. 🙂

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