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If you're an expert (coach, consultant, author, speaker, or marketer), Born To Influence is your resource for marketing and PR strategies that help you, the business owner, build your business by leveraging the best strategies highly successful entrepreneurs use.

Our goal is to help you get more leads and sales while building your platform online so that you have an influential personal brand. 

There are three ways you can leverage our expertise to grow your business (two of them are completely free!):

1. Check out The Show

These interviews are insightful and jam packed with actionable advice. Esther is known for asking questions that allow guests to reveal not only the nitty-gritty “how to”, but also their philosophies and strategies – the why of their methodologies that helped them build their businesses to seven and in some cases, eight figures per year.

You'll hear from business icons such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Perry Marshall, Jon Benson, Jay Baer, Ben Simkin and more. We're adding new interviews on a regular basis so be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or YouTube.

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Take a look at our done-for-you PR services if you're interested in getting more exposure, leads and sales for your product, service or book launch. Our goal is to always help you get more exposure in the media online and connect you with the right partners (influencers and A-players) for cross promotion and long term collaboration. To learn more, click here.


Esther Kiss is the co-founder of Strategic Influence and founder of Born To Influence, a one-of-a-kind publicity & marketing agency, where she helps experts and personal brands get exposure for an extended period of time by placing them on the right media outlets.

These include interviews on podcasts, online radio shows, YouTube shows, webinars and presentations for telesummits and private, paid mastermind groups, as well as traditional media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and more.

She works with luminaries and industry transformers such as Ryan Levesque (author of the #1 national bestselling book Ask), Ben Simkin (a.k.a. the 900 Million Dollar Man), and more. Esther's work helped her clients bring in millions of dollars in additional sales.

Esther is also the producer and host of the popular podcast Born To Influence: The Marketing Show where she interviews highly successful entrepreneurs and NY Times bestselling authors about their marketing and PR strategies. She interviewed guests such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Perry Marshall, Joe Pulizzi, Jay Baer and more.

To help her clients get more leads and sales for their product, service or book launch, she introduces them to A-players such as the guests of Born To Influence for cross-promotions and long term collaboration.

Through their coaching program Strategic Influence, in collaboration with her business partner, John Dennis, she teaches a unique, methodical process for developing influential personal brands designed for exponential, long term growth.

Esther was featured in the documentary Inspired By 11, and she's regularly interviewed in the media.

Esther speaks fluent Hungarian and a little bit of Dutch. She lived in six European countries before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2007. Today, Esther lives in the Palm Springs area with her three cats: Mr. RoofTop, Silkie and Scruffy.

To learn more, go to: