Wanna know how I get most of my pitches for podcasts and media outlets accepted by people I’m about to work with for the first time?

I introduce the idea of sending guest recommendations (or, when the pitch is for me, topic recommendations for an interview) through a casual by the way type conversation.

It might be a phone call or a Facebook chat or something in person –

I ask Qs about THEM,

what they’re looking to do,

what their goals are,

what they’re missing and

what they could use help with –

and THEN I ask a bit about their show.

I find out about ideally what types of guests and topics they’d like to include and then I casually mention that I may have a couple of great recommendations for them and happy to send it their way if they’d like.



I send them an email – and now this email is considered a FOLLOW UP on our conversation.

So I say something like this:

It was so nice to chat with you earlier! 🙂 [Be specific and reference something here about what you talked about and how it impacted you.]

And here’s the MAGIC PHRASE:

*As promised*, here are a couple of great guest recommendations for your show: name, name, name.


See what I did there?

I set it up so it’s something they already subconsciously said yes to, and now we’re just following through and getting the topics and the logistics sorted.

If you’re pitching yourself, you can do the exact same thing.

The only difference is, instead of guest recommendations, you’ll say TOPIC IDEAS and give them a couple of bullet points (well written headlines that their audience would resonate with),

instead of names of guests you’re recommending for their show.

PS. If you’d like to learn more about this process and get your own pitches dialed in, I am taking on a couple of coaching clients to do just that. If this feels like it’s you, email me or message me on Facebook.

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