Facebook Livestreams are all the rage these days… and for good reason too.

Facebook is really pushing them – your friends and followers will get notified when you’re live, and even after the fact, that you *were* live!

There’s something special about watching something that’s happening *right now* – people feel intrigued to join in and participate in the conversation.

It’s a great way to build trust and engagement with your community –

so I hope you’re taking advantage of this and use livestreams as part of your content marketing strategy!

If you haven’t done a livestream yet –

well, there’s no time like the present! 🙂

And if you’re already using livestreams, here are a couple of tips


Step One:

Do a longer livestream – about 15-20 minutes, maybe even longer if you can. Share it from your business page to your personal profile while you’re live to get as many people on as possible.

Step Two:

Download the replay of your livestream and cut it up into smaller chunks (60 seconds or less).

Ideally, you’d have them edited. For example, add on subtitles (most people watch videos in their newsfeed with the sound off!) and a call to action at the end.

Step Three:

Publish the short snippets on other platforms – IG, Twitter, your personal Fb profile, etc. etc and direct your followers on those platforms to your Fb business page to watch the full video.

Step Four:

Re-broadcast one of your snippets on a loop using Fb LIVE. Make it so it plays your snippet back to back 3-5 times before stopping the livestream.

You’ll need an extra piece of software for this. I use OBS (Open Broadcaster Project) – it’s a great tool and it’s free.

You can do all kinds of fancy stuff to brand it – add a custom background, your logo, breaking news style news ticker running across the screen, and more.

Step Five:

Share the livestream playing your looped snippets from your business page onto your personal profile.

VOILA – you just got multiple times the audience on your content!

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