So funny how sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking
that we’ve run out of ideas.

That there’s nothing more to say.

That you gave so much
through your daily messaging,

that now it’s repetitive,
that people will get bored,

and you even start questioning your own value,

thinking you have nothing to say.

That you’re a messenger without a message.

And it’s so frustrating!

Feeling like everyone else
is doing better than you

they’re more consistent,
they’re ahead of you in the game…

Come play with me for a second –

what would happen

to just keep showing up?

And when you’re starting at a blank page,
just ask yourself

What do people need to hear today?

And simply start typing,

without judgement,
without blocking the flow,
without breaking the speed.

You can always edit it later.

Just get started and you’ll get into it,
and the flow will find you,
I promise you that.

The real trick though is
when you get over your “writer’s block”,
when you finally wrote it up,

YOU MUST SHARE, you must post what your message was that day.

I’ve been a closet writer for some time!

I’d get the inspiration to write
and then after one article was done,

I’d just *feel* like writing another one right away, you know?

(Told you, flow will find you!)

And then –

get this!

I wouldn’t share it with anyone.

It’d just rot away in the digital clutter
somewhere several folders deep on my computer.

I know you can hear me…

I know you have plenty of ideas,

some are even executed,
some of that content has been already created

but then don’t share it with the world –

and not because you’re a perfectionist,

but because God forbid,

they should find out what you *actually* think!

That you have real opinions,
and that you stand for something!

Now I know,
you don’t want to be deliberately controversial,

and you want to be heard
so you don’t want to alienate anyone.

But the thing is,

those who truly resonate with you

when you’re hiding behind
simple how-to articles
and vanilla flavored niceties.

Showing up doesn’t just mean doing the work.

Showing up means

letting people see you
-even if it means you’re a bit vulnerable
and some won’t like you

– so what?

Commit to
letting your message be heard
as it is meant to be,
as you dream of doing *some day*.

How about starting today?

Just make a decision that you’ll
say at is it really is.

It’s actually EASIER than putting up a facade
and greying out your true colors.

Think how many “smart” articles you skimmed through,
perhaps even implemented some of what you learned –

but now you don’t remember the author’s name!

“Oh I read it somewhere…”

You now why?

They were removed.

When you are removed,
when you’re not bringing it energetically,

people can feel it and your message won’t impact them
the way it could
if you only were just a little bit brave.

So what are you waiting for?

Promise me you’ll take of the mask,
and let us see you.

If you do it, I’ll do it with you.

It can’t be that hard.

Just do it.

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