Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 170 & 171)

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In this interview, we talk with Los about:

  • The signs that show it’s time to scale up your marketing
  • How to find out who your buyers are
  • Giving your best content away for free vs offering a tripwire
  • How to price your initial offer
  • How to nurture the relationship with people on your list
  • What to do with people that don’t open your email
  • How to figure out what products to offer in your upsell
  • How to test your upsells when you first offer it
  • What corporate sponsors and advertisers are looking for
  • How the audience’s response changed since he shifted his interviewing style
  • Why he plans for 2 years from the initial lauch of his show
  • How to do market research the right way
  • How to create rapport with strangers
  • How to remain authentic when youre influenced by the leaders in your space
  • How to keep consistent with your blogging strategy when you’re testing
  • How to diversify your marketing channels


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Los’ Bio:

“Los Silva started out working with Fortune 500 clients such as Red Bull, Budweiser, and Walt Disney World on business development.. He later went on to co-found a digital education startup which has had courses in colleges and universities across the nation such as Baylor, MIT, and Wake Forest. Currently he is the Co-Founder of Startup Jungle , he helps startups with business development and growth.”

To learn more about Los Silva, go to: or connect with him on Freedom

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