Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 122 & 123)

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In this interview, we talked with James about:

  • How to streamline your to-do list and get focused
  • The mistakes he made early on in his business
  • How to filter to outsource non high-value activities
  • How he prepares for his podcast recordings
  • What running a car dealership taught him for his online business
  • What his crazy maniac boss taught him about efficiency
  • What he based his corporate culture on
  • How he’s able to retain his customers year after year
  • Why he stopped his affiliate programs
  • Why he produces four different podcasts and how he manages it all
  • How he can switch between genres across four different shows quickly
  • His marketing strategy for his podcasts
  • What he learned from mythology and how it helps his business
  • How to deal with unsolicited feedback in your business
  • How to get feedback from live events (NOT surveys!)
  • How to tell great stories
  • How to generate new stories to keep your audience for the long term
  • What you should be aware of re motivational speakers
  • His definition of selling
  • The story he emailed that brought in $12,000 in sales


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  • “I see podcasts as a traffic source rather than a product” Click To Tweet
  • “If I work hard on solving problems then I don’t have to do a lot of selling” Click To Tweet
  • “True stories are the only stories you should use… everyone has amazing stories” Click To Tweet
  • “The stories are always there. we just have to pay attention to them” Click To Tweet

James’ Bio:

” James Schramko is proof positive that you can take solid offline business profit ideas and turn them into a powerful online business.

Leaving the safety of a $300k a year General Management Role running a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sydney, James Started his online career with just one affiliate product earning $49.25 commission per sale.
James turned that business model into a six figure per year online business and then quickly developed his business well past the million dollar mark by starting and growing an online coaching community, a top level Mastermind, a website development business and traffic businesses.”

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