Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 174 & 175)

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In this interview, we talk with Tyler about:How a search engine “thinks” and how you can

  • The main components of SEO
  • The pros and cons of buying pre-owned web sites and domain names from an SEO stand point
  • The truth about backlinking strategies and their value for your site’s rankings
  • How to optimize your site if you host large files (e.g. audio and video)
  • How to differentiate your content in an over-saturated niche
  • How to name your content files for best ranking results
  • How to choose a great SEO consultant or provider
  • The role of offline marketing if you are relying on SEO
  • Behind the scenes of a result driven SEO company
  • How to use Google news for newsjacking to get better rankings for your site
  • How to use Google authorship when building your expert status for your personal brand

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Tyler’s Bio:

“Founder of Orange County SEO (, Owner of Surfline/WaveTrack Inc ( Multi-Internet Business Owner / SEO Consultant – Piloting several online-based business, while helping business owners and professionals maximize Internet visibility and revenue through search engine optimization, sales conversion and website systematization strategies.

Specializing in SEO & Digital Marketing agency fulfillment and consulting, Tyler Collins assists search engine optimization firms, online marketing agencies, and C-suite executives at large media companies with business expansion, infrastructure reorganization, and process systematization, to achieve performance goals with internal technical staff and client retention across a swath of results-based digital marketing services.

Offers turn-key, white-labeled, search engine optimization & proprietary website ranking methodology for SEO companies. Actively delivering silent back-end SEO processes for dozens of front facing SEO firms.

Relentlessly studies search engine trends, website compliance algorithms and quality standards, while consistently testing, tracking, and measuring cutting-edge organic ranking tactics by synthesizing research and knowledge into freshly engineered, dynamic, future-proof SEO models.

Recently launched a proprietary “Reputation Management” system designed to cleanse organic search results and remove prominently placed negative content about businesses, executives, athletes, celebrities, and any searched name.

Specializes in analyzing, planning & executing ROI driven marketing programs for small, medium, and large websites to establish and maintain a successful marketing presence in large industries.”

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