Esther on the Top Seven Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

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(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 35)

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In this interview, we talked about:

  • How to keep pinging, how to make sure you’re ALWAYS growing your network
  • How to attract the best / highest quality attendees possible to the events you’re hosting
  • Our go-to reference books for writing good sales copy and marketing pieces in general that are not only persuasive on a logical level but also connect with the audience emotionally
  • Esther’s “secret weapon” that helps her talk with strangers (it goes beyond ice breakers and really lets you get to know just about anyone and everyone in an incredibly short period of time)
  • What it really takes to literally get more opportunities than others who normally would have the same circumstances and same chances as you
  • “THE” book about Influence – all about the psychology of persuasion

Book recommendations from Esther Kiss (affiliate*): 

BONUS: The original article that inspired this episode (and three more books!)


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