Clay Collins Leads the Way to More Conversions with his Amazing LeadPages

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(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 34)

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In this interview, we talked with Clay about:

  • Why most people fail in business
  • What made the biggest difference for LeadPages to make their initial launch a success
  • What he did to “get inside the minds” of people in his market
  • What phrase no longer works for opt-in call to action (CTA) and what does
  • What phrase got a 100% increase on “laughing soon” pages
  • The psychology behind getting people to make a decision when opting in to your mailing list and how you can use it to grow your business
  • The one adjustment you can make to your YouTube videos to increase the opt-ins to your email list
  • How to use other people’s video content from YouTube to grow your own email list (and make more sales)

Resources mentioned in this episode (affiliate*):

  • LeadPages for high-performing conversion pages
  • LeadPlayer for growing your list and sales with YouTube videos (your own as well as others’ content)

Clay Collins’ Bio:

“Clay Collins is compelled by a vision to provide simple and beautiful software that allows entrepreneurs to attract an audience, build their list, and generate revenue. And he’s determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and in a way that serves LeadPages customers to the highest degree possible.
Clay left home at age 15 to start his first software company and (excluding his college years) has been a hard-core entrepreneur ever since. He has been behind the scenes (advising and writing copy) for some of the highest grossing information marketing campaigns on the internet.

Clay knows firsthand that software for marketers is generally poor in quality. And he’s happy that LeadPages is changing that by creating insanely useful–but technologically sound–tools that work almost instantly and make life easier.”

To learn more about Clay, go to:

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