(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 36 & 37)

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In this interview, we talked with Dan about:

  • How to use LinkedIn groups to position yourself as an expert
  • How to name your LinkedIn group the right way to optimize your lead gen and networking success
  • How to capture leads from LinkedIn even if you’re not allowed to promote in a group
  • What mindset we need to be able to directly reach out to prospects on LinkedIn
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile as a business owner
  • Make your LinkedIn profile rich with multimedia to generate more interest
  • How to systematize your use of LinkedIn so you’re not overwhelmed keeping up with the 50 groups you joined
  • How to incorporate LinkedIn in our marketing strategy
  • The case study of a realtor that sold 24 houses from one customer she met on LinkedIn
  • The LinkedIn strategy to grow your network by leaps and bounds
  • How to avoid being labeled as as spammer when contacting people you don’t know on LinkedIn

Book recommendations from Dan Sherman (affiliate*): 

Dan Sherman’s Bio:

“I am the McGraw Hill author of Maximum Success with LinkedIn – a guide to the world’s largest professional networking site.The book combines my seven years’ experience on the site with over 20 years as a marketing executive.What makes my book is unique is that as a former marketing executive I focus on how people can use LinkedIn to do marketing: of themselves, their ideas, and their personal brand.I show readers how to achieve results fast.”

To learn more about Dan, go to: http:/linkedsuccess.com

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