Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 134 & 135)

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In this interview, we talked with Scott about:

  • How he stays productive while working in Brazil
  • How to sell effectively to local businesses
  • What questions get your prospects to qualify themselves
  • How to bypass the gatekeeper
  • How to get anchor partners for social proof in sales
  • How to use cold emailing to get your foot in the door
  • What to keep in mind when cold calling
  • How to get the name of the decision maker when cold calling
  • The perfect cold call script that opens doors
  • How to find email addresses of decision makers
  • How to automate cold calling
  • What you MUST include in your cold emails
  • What numbers to expect with the right cold calling strategy
  • What the REAL goal of a cold call is (and it’s NOT selling!)
  • How to get 5* your chances to get a meeting with your leads
  • How to get the decision makers at big companies
  • The one question you must avoid when getting a meeting with a prospect
  • How to get good in sales
  • Why introverts can be successful in sales
  • How to overcome shyness

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  • When cold calling… you can NOT attach yourself to their reaction” Click To Tweet

Scott’s Bio:

“Scott Britton is a startup enthusiast and writer based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

He’s currently a former business development and marketing executive for SinglePlatform.

Scott writes about business development, productivity, and personal development at”

To learn more about Scott Britton, go to

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