Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 130 & 131)

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In this interview, we talked with Phillis about:

  • What goes on behind the scenes with big online launches
  • Why you don’t need to buy from the “gurus”
  • The truth about creating passive income online
  • How much education is too much
  • How to track the metrics in your business
  • How to choose the right advertising platform for your business
  • What events you should attend
  • How to stand out at events
  • Why you shouldn’t bother with telesummits
  • How to use inexpensive events for lead generation

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Phillis’ Bio:

“I am Inspired Life Coach Phillis Benson, and I work with busy individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stay focused and on target to their goals while staying sane and balanced.

My Life Coaching service provides many options geared to your coaching needs, from one-on-one, to group guided and email support. My techniques vary and are tailored to each clients specific needs; be it life style goals, health and spiritual awakening, and relationship development, to name a few.

As a client you will have access to the “Master Mind Club”, access to your session recordings, special information tailored to your coaching needs and other tools and processes for you to use to help you achieve your perfect balanced life.”

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