Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 128 & 129)

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In this interview, we talked with David about:

  • How to evaluate new hires
  • Why personality is not the first thing when hiring new employees
  • Why you shouldn’t train people on the job
  • How to “turn over the reigns” to your employees in your business
  • What you should avoid after interviewing a new employee
  • How to fill a position on your team quickly and what not to do
  • What to watch out for when hiring for remote positions
  • A case study of a tricky hiring process
  • What you do for each new hire during the interview process
  • What is the most important position in your company
  • How to entice your employees to stay with you long term
  • His biggest hiring nightmare story
  • How to fix the damage after a bad employee leaves
  • How to divide the jobs in your business effectively
  • How to motivate your employees to get them perform at their best
  • What you must have in place in order to be successful
  • How to create rapport during a job interview
  • How to hire without regret
  • Why he hired the cable guy for sales
  • Pros and cons of hiring yourself vs using an HR manager
  • At what point should the owner get involved in the hiring process

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David’s Bio:

David Jensen is a #1 Bestselling Author, Fortune 500 Speaker, Inc. 500 Consultant: He has over 25 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur, launching successful businesses in diverse industries.

He founded The Hiring Academy after isolating personnel as the key element to revitalizing any business.

David is a charismatic speaker, intuitive consultant and regular columnist for The Huffington Post by-lined as The Hiring Guru.

David has coached executives in broad fields including entertainment, human resources, marketing and banking. As an executive coach he perfected a unique survey to isolate the EXACT factors needing improvement to rapidly accelerate a company’s growth. It was the frequency with which hiring problems arose during this assessment and recognition of that as the core element to revitalizing
any business that guided his focus to helping business owners systematize the hiring process.

His Hiring System has proven success providing freedom to business owners to pursue their real purposes by finding the right people to help their business expand. For the last decade David has been President of a Top 50 (US) payments processing company, driving their expansion to billions in client volume.”

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