(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 96 & 97)

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In this interview, we talked with Peggy about:

  • The three things you must have in place to write a bestselling book
  • How long it takes to write a quality piece
  • When you should start marketing your book during the writing process
  • What are sales figures for bestsellers of your book
  • Amazon’s book bestseller category system
  • Barnes & Noble vs Amazon in terms of competition when launching a new book
  • How the New York Times bestseller book list criteria is calculated
  • What it really means when you are a NY Times bestseller author when it comes to new opportunities
  • What literary agents are looking for
  • The role of email marketing for authors
  • What to expect from media interviews regarding book sales
  • What to do to maximize your leads from your book sales
  • How much does it cost to get a book properly promoted
  • What you need to invest in to promote your book correctly
  • What is the lead time to get your book on the NY Times bestseller list
  • The role of a ghost writer when you’re creating your book
  • What you can’t outsource in your book marketing
  • What to look for in a ghost writer

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Peggy McColl’s Bio:

“Peggy McColl is a New York Times and internationally best-selling author and business coach, with eight books and several multimedia training programs to her credit, translated into 33 foreign languages and sold in more than 82 countries.

She has helped launch more than 1,000 transformational books onto bestseller lists for such phenomenally successful authors as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, and even Gay Hendricks … as well as many previously unknown first-time authors.

Her greatest passion is helping others turn their passions into wildly profitable income streams built on honesty, value, and integrity.”

To learn more about Peggy, go to: http://peggymccoll.com

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