(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 58 & 59)

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In this interview, we talked with Pat about:

  • His biggest regret about launching the Smart Passive Income podcast
  • How to conquer fear (mental as well as tactical tips)
  • Who are the people that helped him the most with moving forward why he’s keeping a public progress report about his new projects
  • The reality around “overnight success” for entrepreneurs
  • The behind the scenes of his new show Ask Pat
  • What he still struggles with and how he’s dealing with it
  • What bothers him about the way advertising is done wrong on some podcasts
  • Why affiliate income is not sufficient to provide a safety net
  • How he chooses what products to become an affiliate for and what you should consider when choosing stuff yo promote yourself
  • What really happened at NMX this January and what to expect from Pat for next year
  • How he prepares for his presentations and what he does VERY differently than other speakers
  • The segmentation of audience by media channels and how it affects his lead generation
  • How to create a more authoritative brand
  • What technique makes it easier for podcast listeners to come over to your web site
  • How to schedule your work day when working from home if you have small kids

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Pat Flynn’s Bio:

“Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses. He is routinely celebrated for his transparent leadership style and authentic principles. Pat overcame career adversity at an early age by finding his own path and true passion. Despite his success in business, Pat’s greatest joys are spending time with his family and friends as well as helping inspire and educate others on how to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers.”

To learn more about Pat, go to: http://smartpassiveincome.com

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