Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 152 & 153)

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In this interview, we talked with Nathan about:

  • How he made 70,000 sitting in his college dorm room
  • Why he wanted to get better at churning customers
  • The issue with subscription businesses and how it can help you
  • How he increased retention at Heyo
  • How attacking his protects egos helped him build his business at lightning speed
  • How he keeps score for best productivity
  • Why he has no backup plan
  • What most small businesses get wrong in lead generation online
  • How to figure out your real metrics if you have a lot of non-engaged fans / likes on FaceBook
  • When to re-launch your FaceBook from scratch
  • How to decide what new social networks to use for your business
  • Challenges in growing a seven figure business
  • How to track our ROI on social media
  • How to control your anger when facing unexpected obstacles

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Nathan’s Bio:

“Nathan Latka is a 22 year old who grew up chopping wood to heat his parents log cabin.

From wood chopping to 3am social media shows on Ustream, Nathan began helping dozens of small businesses get more customers using Facebook.

Nathan made his first sale wearing christmas boxers from his ex-girlfriend, and drinking red bull from his dorm room at Virginia Tech. He solely used Facebook, because it was free, to grow his business and did $73,000 in sales in 6 months all from under his lofted bed in his dorm room.

In 2011, Nathan couldn’t keep up with demand and created a service called Lujure with his 2 cofounders that helped small businesses reach more customers on Facebook through the customization of Fan Page applications.

Just 18 months after creating the company, 90,000 businesses have flocked to Lujure as the go to solution for Fan Page customization.

Having helped thousands of brands, Nathan has insights and data into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making more sales using Facebook.

Nathan has guest lectured on entrepreneurship at Texas A and M, Virginia Tech and has shared the stage with former President George Bush at the World Leadership Forum at Judson University.”

To learn more about Nathan Latka, check out his LinkedIn page, FaceBook page, his web site at or connect with on on Twitter: @nathanlatka.


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