(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 6 & 7)

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In this interview, we talked with Mike about:

  • How to increase customer retention
  • How to use “value Trojans”
  • How to use retargeting campaigns without becoming obtrusive
  • How to create instant emotional connection with your prospects and customers
  • How he founded Internet Marketing Super Friends (IMSF), a group with over 6,000 members (and a 10,000 person waiting list) and why it is spam free

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Mike Hill’s Bio:

Mike Hill is most recently known for his work as founder of the incredibly successful and influential group “Internet Marketing Super Friends”.

His experience over 14 years as a marketing coach, media buyer, conversion specialist and empathic marketer have allowed him to cultivate his unique ability to guide and influence others to find a more fulfilling and rewarding path in business and life.

Mike’s experiences in creating and managing campaigns that touch billions has made him consciously aware of the profound power that advertisers have and how to use this power responsibly.

His only educational product CPA Tsunami, released in 2008 broke new ground in content delivery expectations for high price point products, and set the bar for over delivery.

Every time Mike takes the stage, his consistent message of doing what is right, over what appears to be most profitable, wins crowds and hearts.

With the amount of time Mike has dedicated to family and lifestyle, he is undoubtedly the most influential voice, you have never heard, and proud of that fact.

To learn more about Mike, go to: http://internetmarketingsuperfriends.com/category/internet-marketing-training/mike-hill/

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