Mark Anthony Bates on Positioning and Connecting with Others

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(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 100 & 101)

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In this interview, we talked with Mark Anthony about:

  • Personal brand vs creating a brand for your company itself
  • How to sell your business if it was built around you as a personal brand
  • What to consider in your exit strategy when you’re building your legacy
  • How to create your positioning when working with Fortune 500 corporations
  • How to connect with REAL influencers on FaceBook
  • How he met John Carlton through a well crafted message
  • How he used self-deprecating humor to connect with copywriting legend John Carlton
  • How to set up your expectations but still lead with generosity in a new relationship
  • How to exit the conversation gracefully with a business contact that’s not a good fit
  • How he generated demand at an event without a web site or business card
  • What to consider when testing your marketing campaigns online
  • The perfect conversation by design to get high profile buyers
  • How to adjust our message for introverts
  • The mindset you need when striving to create a movement
  • How he taught a girl scout and her sales skyrocketed

Mark Anthony recommends (affiliate*):

Mark Anthony’s Bio:

“Mark Anthony is the Yoda of speaking coaches. Known as “The Coach of Coaches”, he doesn’t just turn good speakers into stellar speakers; he helps them tap the Force within to bring out their true power.

Mark Anthony zeroes in on what makes a person’s presence unique. He then helps tailor the message they’re delivering so that it’s amplified by the individual’s unique personality and gifts – But he also helps them craft heir message in a way that is totally congregant within themselves, so that when they’re addressing their audience they connect with them wide and deep in a way that few others can.

He coaches them to be able to aim their talk to the specific audience the speaker wants to address, so that they hit the target straight on the mark every time.

When a speaker is connected strongly to the audience, and is on point with the right language, then the room ignites and the magic occurs! The result: impact, change and action!

Mark Anthony has presented on stages around the world and coached people from 32 countries, so he’s very familiar with a wide variety of cultures. This gives his clients a distinctive advantage when they’re presenting their message in global arenas.

For the past decade, Mark Anthony hasn’t found a need to advertise his uncanny and intuitive ability simply because his clients seek him out. Work from referrals alone have kept him more than busy and allowed him to work with the best of the best around the planet.

  • Delta Airlines (former Northwest), United Airlines(former Continental), Alaska Airlines
  • London Hard Rock Café
  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino Las Vegas
  • MGM/Mirage Resorts
  • Fortune Builders
  • McGraw-Hill Publishing Training Systems Division
  • Rich Dad Education
  • Trump Organization
  • T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Stages…and the list goes on…
  • Mark Anthony is currently designing 4 new programs:
    • …and one more thing. – The Steve Jobs Encore
    • How to Design Your Ted Talk
    • The Art and Flow of Speaking with Authenticity
    • How to Talk About Anything… and Sound Like You Really Know What You’re Talking About!

To connect with Mark Anthony, email him at: [email protected]

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