Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 118 & 119)

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In this interview, we talked with Kenneth about:

  • How being left handed impacted his career at the ripe age of 4
  • How he sold himself as a computer whiz kid before being a whiz kid was a “thing”
  • From selling string cheese to the construction consulting business
  • How building relationships helped him in a highly competitive business
  • His formula on how to get you to see your business from an aerial perspective
  • How to use your charisma in your business
  • How to use psychology and spiral dynamics to get better results in your sales presentations
  • How to assess what a prospect would be like to work with before you sign them up
  • What authenticity in your marketing has got to do with results
  • Interesting metrics vs metrics that matter
  • How to factor in downtime after an event when considering speaking gigs
  • How he taught himself to turn himself off and stop thinking about business before going to sleep

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“You know how many small business owners have lots of ambitions but can’t seem to get clear enough to make them real? Kenneth Vogt teaches them how to transform their ambitions into a big mission and then into reality at”

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