Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 106 & 107)

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In this interview, we talked with Drew about:

  • How he built a 7 figure business in less than a year
  • How to get the motivation to bring transformation about in your business and in your life
  • The criteria he used with new clients to facilitate fast growth
  • How he started his current business based on documenting the results of his early clients while working with them
  • How to build a team that will further your vision
  • How to use video in your screening process when hiring new employees
  • Using documentary film making to grow your business
  • Why he’s transitioning toward physical goods when scaling his business
  • How to get motivated to do things you don’t feel like doing
  • How he segments his buyers list to maximize profits
  • How to duplicate the top 20% of your buyers
  • How he marketed his book to become an Amazon bestseller in one of the most competitive categories
  • How to get new leads from non-info product buyers to your info business
  • How to title your book strategically to get SEO benefits
  • How to leverage your platform to get on TV
  • What your FaceBook page can do for you when pitching mainstream media
  • Why he left a successful credit & debt business
  • How he built his FaceBook strategy to create a strong bond with his community of 1MM + fans
  • What you need to have in place if your business is expanding to China
  • How to build relationships with A-list influencers

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Drew’s Bio:

“Drew Canole is a Nutrition Specialist, Transformation Specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits of juicing vegetables for health and vitality.

He is the founder of Fitlife.TV where he shares “Educational, Inspirational and Entertaining” videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity.

Drew Canole’s transformation clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, authors and personal development gurus.

The success of his first book on Juicing Recipes vaulted him to national attention as a first time author and has garned media and television attention in the form of book deals, TV talk show hosting and national endorsements from some of the leading national companies focused on health, wellness and athletics.”

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