Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 162 & 163)

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In this interview, we talk with Brandee about:

  • What to use Google Hangouts for in your business
  • How to increase engagement with your clients & customers
  • How to be authentic while keeping congruent with what your profession expects of you
  • How to humanize your brand with technology
  • When you need a producer for your Google Hangouts and when it’s enough to do it yourself
  • What elements go into creating a successful Google Hangout
  • How to use Google Hangouts to be on page 1 of Google before you press the Broadcast button
  • Google Hangouts vs YouTube Live Events
  • How to title your Google Hangouts correctly for great keyword search results
  • How to promote you Google Hangout events
  • How to get comfortable on camera
  • When to schedule your live Google Hangouts
  • How to manage unexpected changes on free platforms
  • How to use Hangouts for marketing offline businesses
  • What mistakes to avoid when doing Google Hangouts

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Brandee’s Bio:

Brandee Sweesy is the leading Hangout Marketing Expert. With 20 years marketing and public speaking experience she helps coaches, speakers, online thought leaders and businesses to Engage! Ignite! Expand!® their audiences with Google Hangouts and live video. With her unique strategies, clients drive thousands of viewers and thousands of dollars in sales every month using Google Hangouts.

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