Born To Influence: The Marketing Show (Episodes 158 & 159)

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In this interview, we talked with Aaron about:

  • The one thing you must avoid doing if you want a successful business
  • How law firms can stand out in the market
  • Commodity branding
  • What you must do before building a web site
  • How small businesses can create an effective marketing and sales funnel
  • How to engineer referrals and reviews
  • How to create a content roadmap for your content marketing strategy
  • Content marketing for law firms and other small businesses
  • Where you’re missing out on 80%of your potential business and how to avoid that
  • How to get referrals from your best clients
  • How to get reviews on Yelp and other review sites
  • How to release and repurpose your content in your marketing
  • What elements your web site must have
  • Mistakes business owners make when getting started with content marketing
  • How to maximize the traffic to your site
  • How to curate content for your social media pages the right way
  • The questions you should be asking about content marketing
  • How to find your why

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Aaron’s Bio:

“Founder of Geek-Free Marketing and Best Legal Practices, Aaron N. Fletcher is an online marketing, consultant, educator, speaker and nationally published author of the new book Stand Out: A Simple and Effective Online Marketing Plan For Your Small Business.

Over the last 18 years, Aaron has become the “go-to” sales and marketing expert to small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs including,, and Jay Abraham.

Aaron’s mission is to help small business owners understand and implement simple yet extremely powerful marketing systems so they can achieve rapid business growth and financial freedom without spending a lot of time, money or technical overwhelm. Aaron’s unique and holistic approach combines traditional direct response marketing strategies with cutting-edge digital systems and tools. And a healthy dose of dry humor to boot.

When not coaching clients or noodling around the interwebs, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, reading, travel and jiujitsu (not always in that order).”

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