(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 28 & 29)

Esther on Support and Community _ screen shot for Show Notes Page

Mette on Support and Community _ screen shot for Show Notes Page

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In this interview, we talked about:

  • How to choose what groups to join that will actually really support you 
  • What to consider when choosing a mentor
  • How to make a peer to peer relationship work and how to avoid getting into a power struggle in peer to peer relationships
  • Why is it easier to make friends in the online marketing world then in the “real world”
  • How to deal with friends and family when they don’t quite “get” your business
  • What to keep in mind when leading a mastermind
  • What we can learn from our pets re getting our creativity back
  • How to get off the cycle of always just looking for the next challenge without recognizing your results
  • How to avoid the syndrome called “supernova burnout

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