(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 74 & 75)

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In this interview, we talked with Ryan about:

  • How he built his brand I love Yoga entirely on FaceBook in less than a year to a seven figure business
  • Why Ryan says email is a “dinosaur”
  • How to use giveaways to get the ball rolling when introducing your product for sale
  • How to use FaceBook ads to drive traffic to your community page
  • How to be true to yourself in your marketing even if the product you’re selling is unrelated to your core beliefs
  • How he got through a difficult time in his business and the revelation he took away from it
  • His techniques on getting rid of negative self-beliefs
  • The two things you need to pay attention in order to continuously grow
  • His simple method for getting motivated for things you don’t usually like to think about
  • His formula on how to keep your social life healthy
  • The criteria to keep in mind when choosing a business partner
  • The future of media consumption
  • His tips on targeting your market precisely

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  • “All of us have nothing to loose. It’s just the perception that we put on things.” Click To Tweet
  • “If you’re not ruffling a few feathers, you’re not trying hard enough” Click to Tweet
  • “There’s always something that you bring to the table that enriches someone else’s life” Click to Tweet
  • “Don’t go into business with people that are just like you” Click to Tweet

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Ryan’s Bio:

“Ryan Moran is a serial entrepreneur, comedian, world traveler, and author of “The Freedom Manifesto.”

Ryan believes that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that life is too short to do crap that you hate. He believes that life is as abundant and as happy as you decide it to be, and that we are all unlimited in our capacity to create, grow, and contribute.

Aside from his consulting practice, his yoga products business, his supplement company, his restaurant, his real estate investments, and his world traveling adventures, he runs FreedomFastLane.com to inspire, educate, and empower people to live extraordinary lives.”

To learn more about Ryan, go to:  http://freedomfastlane.com

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