Justin Brooke on Scalable Traffic Strategies (IM)

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(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 42 & 43)

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In this interview, we talked with Justin about:

  • How he got from starting his biz with $60 and grew it to a six figure business within 11 months
  • What made the biggest difference for him that started him on a path of success
  • The biggest secret to creating successful lead gen campaigns
  • How create an effective lead gen marketing funnel
  • The differences in retargeting campaigns in service vs product based businesses
  • How to go about choosing your niche when starting with marketing online
  • Retargeting – is it bad to “chase customers”? Are they gonna be not your ideal clients?
  • The wrong way to use retargeting
  • The criteria on which of your leads you should retarget
  • The key elements of a good retargeting campaign
  • The two metrics you need to improve in order to scale your business
  • How to negotiate placing solo ads in other people’s email newsletters
  • How to salt your list when working with affiliates

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Justin Brooke’s Bio:

“As you’ll see by my career path since 2007, I’ve become obsessed with marketing. I am proud to say that my online marketing strategies are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales.

I’ve pioneered inbound and outbound marketing strategies, consulted for 9 figure companies, and spoken on stage from California to London.

My strengths are content marketing, conversion optimization, and online media buying.

If you want to scale your online marketing with a multi-channel strategy, then you and I should have a talk. Let me show you what I can do.”

To learn more about Justin, go to: http://dmbionline.com

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