Kelsey Meyer Talks Influence & Co

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(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episodes 82 & 83)

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In this interview, we talked with Kelsey about:

  • What publications you should be published in to really expertise your influence and expertise
  • A case study on how they established a fortune 500 exec as an expert
  • What you should include in your articles and interviews in addition to valuable content to allow your personality to shine through
  • How often you should publish articles and how long it will take before you see results
  • Her step-by-step approach on how to get your article published in bigger magazines
  • As an expert, how to differentiate what interviews and article requests to say yes to
  • How to maintain the relationships you start at conferences etc to keep growing your network
  • How to re-purpose your content
  • Why you should avoid article directories
  • Examples on what angles you might use to make your article unique

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Kelsey’s Bio:

“Kelsey Meyer is the Cofounder of Influence & Co. a company that helps individuals and companies communicate their credibility and influence online through getting byline articles published in reputable publications. Kelsey is also the co-creator of Contributor Weekly a free weekly newsletter providing tips and tools to those who contribute to online publications to make them better contributors. ”

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