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Divya Parekh - The five tenets of successfully achieving your goals

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Chris Ducker on How to Become *Much* More Productive

(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 93)  To listen to Chris’ interview on the Born To Influence PODCAST, click HERE.  To watch a little bit of Chris’ interview on VIDEO, click HERE. (coming soon) In this interview, we talked with Chris about: How can brick & mortar businesses use VAs The biggest mistakes business owners make when working with virtual assistants Chris Ducker talks about what’s missing from the Four Hour Workweek What it really takes to lighten your work load as an entrepreneur How to dramatically reduce the time you spend in […]

Born To Influence: The Outset (Esther and Mette on What To Expect)

(Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, Episode 1)    To listen to Esther & Mette's interview on the Born To Influence PODCAST (episode 1), click HERE.  To watch a little bit of Esther & Mette's interview on VIDEO, click HERE. In this interview, we talked about: Esther talks about why launching Born To Influence (BTI) was so important to her [...]

The Most AWESOME Episode We’ll Ever Have w. Sean Malarkey

Sean Malarkey teaches us how to PROPERLY open a podcast :)

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Mette’s Secret Mental Stimulation Technique (Tour De Garden!)

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