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Divya Parekh - The five tenets of successfully achieving your goals

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Question 1/12

Have you been interviewed before on podcasts, telesummits or in the traditional broadcast media to share you knowledge / advice / expertise?

Question 2/12

Do you consider yourself an “expert” (coach / consultant / author / speaker / marketer / copywriter / etc.) that can offer actionable advice?

Question 3/12

Have you written a book?

Question 4/12

Do you have a free giveaway offer (ebook, cheat sheet, strategy sessions, sample product, etc)?

Question 5/12

Do you have an effective sales funnel?

Question 6/12

Do you have an email list with at least 1,000 subscribers / buyers?

Question 7/12

Is your gross revenue over $1MM / year?

Question 8/12

Do you currently run paid digital advertisements (FB Ads, Google Adwords, etc)?

Question 9/12

Do you have a strong following online (social media, email subscribers, etc.)?

Question 10/12

Are you looking to launch a new book or product / service in the next 2-4 months?

Question 11/12

Have you done webinars or live speaking gigs to educate your audience and sell your product / service?

Question 12/12

Do you want more joint venture partners to help promote your product / service?

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