Manifest Your Dream Friends - How To Attract Influencers & Turn Them Into Friends So That You Are Connecting On The Heart Level, Make More Money & A Bigger Impact
Manifest Your Dream Friends
- How To Attract Influencers & Turn Them Into Friends 
So That You Are Connecting On The Heart Level, 
Make More Money & A Bigger Impact
Hey there Babes -

I’m so excited to share my new program with you - this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now b/c this stuff changed my life and had a huge impact on my business and the friendships I’ve been able to call in as well and I can’t wait to share it with you! 😀 💕

You see, the #1 reason I reached six figures so quickly (before the end of the first year) in my publicity business is b/c of the friendships and relationships I’ve been able to develop with high level influencers and collaboration partners.

They’d refer clients to me all the time, 
feature my clients and me in their columns in magazines, 
on their blogs, interview us on their podcasts, 
do joint venture deals...

and some of these influencers even became clients themselves - which resulted in international bestselling book campaigns, millions of dollars added to their bottom line and a huge credibility boost for them and for me as well - truly a win-win-win all around, the kind of high vibe stuff that makes your heart sing! 😍

And I’m happy to say that being mindful of this - simply making a decision to proactively call in the right friends and influencers is what allowed me to position myself where I can charge tens of thousands of dollars for my services (and people pay them!) and get consistently featured in the media, get offered JV opportunities all the time, and so much more...

- all because of the supercharged level of trust and rapport I’ve been able to develop with key people in the industry.

But it wasn’t always this way…

There was a time when I was extremely shy & introverted
 (<- still am an introvert!!)
 and it really got in the way of
 reaching out and connecting with influencers.

In fact, a BIG part of the reason why I got my nickname Pinky is b/c I used to be shy I’d BLUSH if someone even just talked to me unexpectedly!

I know what it feels like being frozen, not knowing what to say…

Being stuck, feeling like “what do I really have to offer”...

^^ it was *especially* hard in my previous career as an actor b/c I felt like everyone else had the power - the directors, producers, casting directors - everyone but me! 

And people would say to me “it’s a relationship business”
 (basically go make friends with the decision makers)
 - I’d always be stunned and think okay but

It took me some time to figure it out - and now it’s like second nature!

(And it lead to opportunities like working with super high level Hollywood directors like Joe Johnston who directed Captain America and a ton of other blockbusters…)

Once I really GOT it, and internalized it, 
it all became super easy 
- and now I know exactly how to do it over and over again, 
in any industry.

In fact, when I first got started with my publicity business three years ago, I didn’t know anyone in this space either… 

And yet, I had top level clients & promo partners out of the gate! ✨

So if you're dreaming about developing true relationships and friendships with influencers, referral partners and A-players in your industry - but if you're feeling paralyzed by fear or just don't know how to reach out, what to say, what to offer...

if you're thinking "I'm just starting out, why should they listen to me" -

if you are not quite sure how to step into OWNING YOUR OWN VALUE and stand tall when it comes to making friends with NY Times bestselling authors, multimillionaire entrepreneurs or even “just” prospects and members of the media...

then read every word below...

Having moved around a LOT
 and having lived in six other countries before relocating to the US
 gave me some practice and insights
 into building rapport super fast… 

I had to start from scratch and become part of a new community time and time over again!

It comes down to two things: mindset and the practical steps to getting people to fall in love with you.

Some people say get them to “know, like and trust you” but hey, if we’re manifesting DREAM friends, might as well go for that true soulmate connection, right? 😀 ✨

And this^^ is exactly what allowed me to develop an eye for instinctively finding win-win-win situations and approaching others with the spirit of generosity and giving…

Contributing to them, and opening the energetic pathway between us, inviting them to hop on a phone call or have a chat face-to-face...

- essentially putting myself in a position where they'd be crazy not to say yes!

And that'd evoke the feeling of reciprocity - it wasn’t even my intention, but as it turns out, they'd always want to help me as well!

In fact, it got to the point where people started asking me questions around how come I always get these opportunities, how did I land so and so “big name” as a client, can I introduce them to X influencer, and so on…

See, people ask Qs when they see the RESULTS…

Because they know if it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for them too.

And it’s true.

And it’s possible for YOU as well.

And I want to help you. ❤️

So I've decided to put together a comprehensive program 
and SHARE WITH YOU the "secrets" to manifesting friendships with the right people - to the point where they’re eager to help YOU!


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

~ Manifest Your Dream Friends ~

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

How To Attract Influencers & Turn Them Into Friends 
So That You Are Connecting On The Heart Level, 
Make More Money & A Bigger Impact

❤️ This is THE resource if you want to:

⭐️ have an amazing network of friends... entrepreneur friends & collaboration partners who are the A-players and the super talented up-and-comers of your industry and who you LOVE spending time with

⭐️ receive access to "secret", behind-closed-door types of promotion and collaboration opportunities (rather than just being a regular affiliate) that are only available for “special people” 😀

⭐️ elevate the level of clientele and attract your ideal soulmate dream clients who are FUN to work with and who consistently get great results and refer their friends to you all the time

⭐️ overcome being shy and step into the bright, vibrant successful v2.0 of YOU who you KNOW you are capable of being (and who you were BORN to be - stop holding yourself back!)

⭐️ know what to say in every situation when talking to a new person, how to use your own compassion and care to get them to fall in love with you

⭐️ get in front of the right audiences to share your message in a bigger way - get more speaking gigs and be featured in the media, and be seen and share the stage with people you used to only secretly dream about

and so much more...

Three weeks of short Daily Trainings 
with an Action Step each day 
- and do it with ease and grace, without being pushy or sales-y.

💞 ✨ 🙌

Basically, become a shining bright light that attracts the attention of the best of the best...

💞 ✨ 🙌

⭐️ Let me help you get clear on your intentions and show you how to seed your ideas in every conversation you have with anyone and everyone 

⭐️  so you’re there in their subconscious, and they think of you anytime there’s an opportunity you’d be right for...

⭐️  Let me show you how YOU can help others so that super high level introductions starting TODAY

⭐️  This is the stuff that will make connections and referrals constantly come your way, even if you're an introvert or shy or feel like you don't know what to say.

Now listen... 

This is the exact same stuff I share with my high level publicity clients and my private 1:1 coaching clients when I'm helping them develop relationships of their own with the influencers who can move the needle for them.


It's the same exact approach that helped my clients get featured in 
Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes, INC, the Huffington Post
and on some of the top podcasts in the world...


It's what can help YOU get the same type of media opportunities, exposure to tens of thousands of people 
through collaborations with influencers, 
- even if you don't have a big list 
or social media following of your own yet...

🌟 The secret?

- and constantly be “on the radar” of those who MATTER, 


In this program, we'll cover both the mindsets and the practical strategies around initiating contact and developing meaningful relationships and over time, friendships with the right people.

Manifest Your Dream Friends is not about training in theory... 

- it's an IMPLEMENTATION program

You'll have an action step to take each day
that will start bringing this all to life for YOU.

⭐️ You and me Baby - three weeks of daily prompts to jumpstart the supernetwork of your own and becoming part of the Inner Circle of the A-players of your industry!

⭐️ Now I could go on and on about how this will help you get opportunities, exposure and build a solid foundation that grows exponentially over time...

⭐️ how it'll make business and your daily activities more FUN when you're surrounded by likeminded people (instead of being in Entrepreneur Solitary Confinement)

⭐️  how it'll swing the doors wide open for you when it comes to getting media attention, exposure and and consistent client referrals

⭐️  or, I could just INVITE YOU right now to come join me in Manifest Your Dream Friends

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

If you know it’s time to uplevel your visibility,
and start LIVING the life you were BORN for
then this is for YOU and you have two options:

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Option One:

⭐️ Get the daily trainings delivered straight to your inbox along with your action step for each day over the next three weeks

This is for you if you want to dive right in and get started at a super low investment level (payment plan available)

Option Two (five spots only):

Get the VIP Option: everything in Option One plus TWO 1:1 calls with me to get my help with making the most of your existing contacts & implementing everything you'll receive through the program!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Now look... 

I made this program super affordable because I really want it to be a HELL YES no-brainer offer and help as many people as possible...

and when you join for the LIVE version (starting on Tuesday, May 23rd), you'll get over 50% off with the Early Bird discount! 

Instead of the regular (still super low!) investment of $197, you can get in for just $97 when you reserve your spot today.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

And I even have two special bonuses for you 😍

Register today, and you'll also receive:

1. My Dream Contacts Project Spreadsheet Template - it's the EXACT same spreadsheet we use for gathering influencer support for my private clients' projects that outlines who to connect with and how to get in touch - along with a video overview on how to use the template

2. My Top Ten Icebreakers To Connect & Build Rapport With Anyone - it's THE go-to resource when you have a brain freeze, or are just not sure what to say when connecting with an influencer or potential client - or even someone you just met at a networking event

Love it? 😀

Me too! 😍

Can't wait to get started - we're jumping in this coming Tuesday, May 23rd so be sure you reserve your spot today!

And, if you'd like my eye over what you're about to do, and want my help with any current projects involving connecting with influencers, or want me to look over any emails you're planning to send when reaching out - anything at all, take the VIP Option and you'll get not one but TWO calls with me to help you! (Limited to five spots only)

I’m so over the moon excited to share my best strategies with you - this stuff truly changed my life, my money situation and the results my clients get all the time - and I want you to have the same as well!


PS. This is a program that I’m putting my heart and soul into… if you ever wanted to work with me or just loved the results I share on social media from time to time… I invite you to jump in and let’s get started! Let me help you position yourself as one of the A-players in your industry - let’s have you become part of that “Inner Circle” you KNOW you belong to! 

PPS. The VIP Option is only available for the first five people b/c it requires personal time and there’s only one of me… If you know that you want my personal help, secure your spot now! 

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